Who we are...

We are a group of concerned citizens representing a wide cross section of the citizenry of Trinidad & Tobago. We strongly advocate the sovereignty of the human being and the right to choose what we put into our bodies.

In order to make informed choices, we believe that citizens must be made aware of the risks versus the benefits of the various measures currently being employed locally and internationally in response to the SARS-COVID19.

Mission Statement

To support transparency and promulgate the most up to date information to the stakeholders in Trinidad and Tobago in response to SARS-COVID19, and to demand accountability from those currently managing the local response consistent with our human and constitutional rights.


Prevent Constitutional Changes that mandate Vaccines for any Citizen regardless of age, physical constitution, or occupation.

Government must not mandate any investigative pharmaceutical or COVID19 vaccine. Vaccination cannot be seen as the only solution to the pandemic, and patients should be given the choice of other emerging prophylactics and other therapeutics.

Government has a duty to assemble a team of local experts and appropriate interest groups to explore the use of alternative approaches including preventive and early treatment protocols and the use of repurposed antivirals which have shown to be effective in treating COVID19.


Full & Prior Informed Consent must be made available to those choosing to vaccinate According to the Nuremberg Code, “The voluntary informed consent of the human individual is absolutely essential.” This means that consent should not be coerced or forced under threats to ‘operate’, earn a living, keep a job or contract and that people should be presented with adequate information on the risks versus the benefits as well as alternative approaches in order to be able to make decisions regarding what happens to them voluntarily.


Prevent coercion and actions by companies, Government institutions, other bodies, entities or persons that seek to mandate vaccinations on their employees by threatening loss of jobs, income or any other form of penalty.

Government institutions and other employers mandating employees to take the vaccine must be held accountable and liable if the person suffers a medical injury because of the vaccine.

Employers should pay directly or indirectly through Workmen’s Compensations if an employee suffers a medical injury and/or loss of income from a mandated vaccine. A person’s vaccination status is a private medical matter. It is their choice, and theirs alone, whether or not to reveal this information to an employer, proprietors of goods and services, or any other third party. The Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) must clearly outline its position for the health and safety of ALL workers, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated.



Disclosure of Vaccination Status in reporting COVID19 Health impacts
Daily reports of COVID19 figures must state the vaccination status for new cases and other health outcomes (hospitalization, discharges or deaths). Citizens require transparency about vaccine failure (so-called breakthrough) cases, and other health outcomes to help appraise the risks versus benefits of the vaccine rollout.

Systematic attempts to suppress vaccine failure cases through an inequitable implementation of PCR according to vaccination status must not be allowed. The CT (Cycle Threshold) value used must be disclosed and applied consistently when testing both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.


Lobby the Government to institute a Web-based T&T Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting Platform or if necessary, CTAGTT will host a Platform using its resources. This will provide publicly accessible information on people who have had the vaccine and wish to voluntarily report any injuries, adverse events or vaccine failures. Such a platform exists elsewhere and is an indispensable tool for the monitoring and evaluation of the vaccination program.



Promote Harmony among All Citizens regardless of the decision to accept or decline Vaccination. Divisions and mistrust are being created by unscientific claims of asymptomatic carriers posing a risk to others and that vaccination is the sole pathway to herd immunity.

Naturally acquired immunity is being trivialized and incorrectly deemed inferior to vaccine-derived immunity. Persons concerned about vaccine safety are being labelled pejoratively as anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists. This is unhelpful and prevents discussion and debate. A person’s choice to vaccinate is a private affair, and individuals should not be subjected to intimidation, ridicule or prejudice, regardless of their choice.


Overall equity and justice in National response to declared Pandemic. The social and economic impacts of the declared pandemic have been catastrophic in T&T and elsewhere. The disadvantaged among us, people in debt, and others need to be supported in all possible ways.


Align and share the T&T Advocacy Experience with similar Public Interest Groups acting Locally, Regionally and Internationally.1.