COVID-19 Vaccination Drive - Caution not Coercion (Analysis - PDF Document)

COVID-19 Aug 14, 2021

Dear Members of the Public

With respect and urgency, the members of CTAGTT wish to bring to your attention matters of ethical transgression regarding the COVID-19 vaccination initiative. We seek redress for the lack of provision of voluntary informed consent during vaccine administration and humbly ask for a refrain in policies or messaging that drive coercion, inducement, segregation, and punishment for persons who decline consent.

We congratulate the medical fraternity for its efforts in dealing with COVID-19. We know that our clinicians are attempting to shield our nation from the onslaught of this pandemic. However, as much as vaccination can be expected to play a vital role in safeguarding both the individual and the community, this ought not to be achieved at the expense of individual rights.

In contemplating the immediate and long-term impact of vaccination, many citizens have become aware of the possibility of a vaccine-driven “Pandemic in Perpetuity” and this, among other concerns, has led many to a stance of vaccine caution.

In addition, it seems that the vaccine initiative thus far has not had the expected impact. The rationale for vaccine under-performance both locally and globally may be revealed through an examination of:

  1. The rapidly mutating nature of the virus;
  2. the limitations of the investigational vaccines and
  3. instances of vaccine failure in other nations.

In the circumstances, we request that you consider the attached analysis prepared by the CTAGTT Working Group as we work towards a reasonable and effective solution to this unprecedented public health crisis.

Yours respectfully,

Cathal Healy-Singh, President