CV19 in the 'Savannah Grass'

WHO Jul 4, 2021

CTAGTT June 2010 | An Essay by Cathal Healy-Singh

In January 2020, before Kes and Iwer sang the “Stage Gone Bad”, the World Health Organisation (WHO) had determined that CV19 posed a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern”. Just two weeks after carnival, when the dust was still settling on the savannah grass, the WHO became “deeply concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity, and by the alarming levels of
”, and declared “CV19 can be characterized as a pandemic”. Since then, the WHO has led and coordinated the global effort, supporting countries to prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic.

Social distancing, face masks, lock downs, curfews and collapsed businesses became the “New Normal” overnight. CV19 proved more deadly to the elderly and predisposed – those with existing medical conditions like obesity, diabetes and others.

Novel “Messiah Vaccines” produced at “warp speed” were given “Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)”. They were going to save us from this “deadly” CV19 disease. We waited for them throughout 2020 in shock and awe from the stories of body bags building up, emergency room overloads and people collapsing in the streets elsewhere. It seemed like a plague of biblical proportions. Rumours of a laboratory leak in Wuhan, China, and a “Chinese Virus” flooded the press during the US 2020 elections.

In May 2020, the WHO commissioned a Study to determine the origin of CV19. The Study was released in early 2021 concluding the CV19 virus “most likely leapt from animals to humans through an emissary animal.” But this leap from animals to humans was never proven. More than 80,000 animal samples were taken in and around Wuhan, but none showed the presence of CV19. We know US$ were at the time funding controversial “gain of function” research on Corona Viruses in a Wuhan Laboratory. The origins of CV19 remain a mystery. China’s response was swift – laboratory shut down, test and trace, mass vaccination and mass distribution of traditional Chinese antiviral Medicines. Today Wuhan and all of China has more-or-less returned to their “Old Normal”.

Meanwhile in the West, CV19 has polarised social media, and the politics of entire countries, with vaccine “devotees” pitting themselves against “covid deniers” and “vaccine hesitants”. Censorship of dissenting views has become common place. Mass antilock down and anti-vaccine protests have been held repeatedly in major cities. In Trinidad & Tobago, a year after WHO declared the pandemic, plans for T&T vaccine roll out were announced by the health minister on April 1st, 2021.

The CV19 picture is murky and contentious. The “PCR” testing procedure for CV19 is flawed. Many “false positive” results exaggerate risks and reinforce lock down logic. Deaths “fromandwith” CV19 are reported as if CV19 is the sole underlying cause. New variants of the virus have also emerged; seemingly more contagious and affecting younger and healthier people. It is not clear how effective the vaccines will be in responding to variants.

‘Herd immunity’ to the virus is a declared objective of the WHO. In June 2020, the WHO defined Herd Immunity as: “the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection". But in November 2020, and contrary to established norms, the WHO revised the definition to: “a concept used for vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold of vaccination is reached." WHO’s revised definition makes vaccination the ONLY pathway to Herd Immunity. This denies the contribution of the natural immunity gained by the millions of people who got the virus, to achieving WHO’s objective. Novel vaccines appear poised to supplant our natural immune response to CV19 and may lead to future vaccine dependency. While this may be an attractive business model for Big Pharma, it will ultimately compromise our natural immune function.

The effect of vaccinating people who already have natural antibodies to the virus is not clear, but “autoimmune” concerns have been raised.

Surprisingly to many, vaccinated persons are still getting the virus in what are called “breakthrough” cases. Manufacturers acknowledge this but insist people are less likely to be seriously sick or die. Alternative remedies for CV19 have also emerged like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and traditional “bush” medicines. These alternatives are not sanctioned by the WHO. A campaign against alternative remedies is evident. Ivermectin is a safe longstanding antiparasitic medicine now repurposed for both preventing and treating CV19, with a formidable evidence base of safety and efficacy. Local doctors are using it informally.

Most importantly, the vaccines are themselves having adverse side effects. A growing number of cases of blood clots and inflammation of the heart cannot be denied. These were not picked up in the initial trials. There are also suggestions that the vaccines may be “driving the variants”, forcing the virus to mutate. This underscores the experimental nature of the vaccine rollout and reinforces the need for informed consent prior to vaccination. It is, however, also the case that people at high risk to CV19 may reasonably accept the risk of having the vaccine depending on their age, health and doctor’s advice. Vaccination utility therefore may make more sense for a minority group but places unnecessary risk on healthy people who would otherwise clear the virus with minor symptoms.

Polls in T&T show that a majority of people are indeed vaccine hesitant for a variety of reasons.People who do not want to be vaccinated have spoken out, especially leaders of the religious community. Yet, government is pushing the WHO narrative that mass vaccination is the sole solution. Little effort is being made to get people to live healthier lifestyles. No effort is being made to examine and authorise alternative treatments. Our own PM has even indicated that we must“vaccinate to operate” and that the “unvaccinated poses a threat to the vaccinated”. It remains unclear if the PM has himself taken the vaccine. Given his position, he should be required to provide evidence of his vaccination status.

The local and global ‘establishments’ are promoting the vaccines. Large employers have declared their intention to create “vaccinated workplaces” and construction sites. People are being coerced to vaccinate. Nationals abroad are being told they must be vaccinated to return. In Guyana, the US embassy has declared itself a “vaccinated zone”. At the same time individuals are becoming more aware of the risks associated with the vaccines which seem to be downplayed in international

As the draconian SOE drags on, its purpose seems more and more not to be to “stop the spread” but to force the population into vaccination. The country is divided. There is little leadership being demonstrated by our government besides towing WHO lines. This is alarming because the WHO appears to be under the influence of a self-made celebrity billionaire ‘philanthrocapitalist’ Bill Gates, who has no medical training whatsoever and has a troubling track record in both Africa and India in this sphere of his activities. Coincidentally, he is one of the main donors to the WHO.

Out of all the noise on social media, three people, previously unknown to each other - a doctor, an architect and an engineer - formed CV19 Transparency Advocacy Group T&T. The Group is growing and reaching out to the outspoken religious leaders and to trade union leaders concerned about job security of their membership. We are all expressly committed to the protection of rights, especially the right to make an informed choice and a transparent science-based approach to combating CV19.

CTAGTT is calling on the Ministry of Health’s Corporate Communication Unit ‘Updates’ to include the “vaccination status” of all persons (i) being tested for CV19, (ii) admitted to hospital and (iii) who reportedly died from CV19. Vaccination Status is essential in order to confirm vaccine efficacy and distinguish between illness and death caused by the virus and the adverse side effects of the vaccines. Reporting the type of vaccine being issued is also of obvious importance in order to compare vaccine performance.

Never before have we as a nation and humanity as a whole, been faced with such a challenge as CV19. CTAGGTT is committed to finding our way out of this pandemic by providing a neutral, factbased discussion platform. While a return to the “old normal” may seem untenable, so too is the “new normal” as described by the World Economic Forum which sees CV19 as the key for a “Great Reset” of global capitalism. We need collectively to find our way to a new beginning with open minds, transparency, and common sense. This is the commitment of CTAGTT.