German Doctor stops all COVID-19 Vaccinations in his practice

COVID-19 Aug 16, 2021

A German doctor practicing in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg has discontinued the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in his practice.

Anyone who criticizes the official vaccination strategy of the Federal Government as a doctor today, even those who dare express doubts about the mantra of the complete harmlessness of this "small spade", runs the risk of being massively excluded and made a hostile. It is all the more astonishing that there are doctors who swim against the tide and make their personal doubts public. Like the Stuttgart general practitioner and specialist Johannes Weiffenbach. Weiffenbach has stopped the vaccination campaign in his practice. In a moving statement on the website of his practice, he explains why: Among other things, because of daily side effects of the vaccinations and because the vaccines are not sufficiently tested. The text is so interesting that I would like to reproduce it in full length here:

Dear patients,

For medical reasons, and after a long internal struggle, I have decided to withdraw from the Covid-19 vaccination campaign until further notice.

For every medical action, the guiding principle "primum nil nocere" applies – "first of all do not harm". This means that the potential benefit of a medical measure must always be greater than the potential risk. The benefits of a Covid vaccine for the seriously ill or elderly patients originally designated as Priority 1 and Priority 2 are likely to be higher than the risk of vaccinations. Therefore, these patients have received a vaccination offer from us and we will also complete the vaccination cycles that have begun.

In my opinion, the ratio of benefit to risk can no longer be so clearly stated for all other patients on the basis of the current data. On the one hand, there is the risk of severe Covid-19 disease. Statistically, younger people have a low risk of severe Covid-19. The risk increases with age and pre-existing conditions. Preventing the severe courses is the goal of Covid-19 vaccinations – whether they also prevent so-called long Covid symptoms has not yet been sufficiently investigated.
On the other hand, there is the safety of the available vaccines. All vaccines have only a conditional approval, as safety and efficacy have not been sufficiently demonstrated to date. Technologically, all currently approved vaccines are breaking new ground, the safety of which has not yet been proven both in the short and long term due to a lack of time. Consequently formulated, the current vaccination campaign is therefore a huge study in which all those willing to be vaccinated participate as test persons.
At least in the short term, the new vaccines show a side effect profile that we would not have tolerated at other times as doctors. Almost every day since the opening of vaccinations for young people, I have patients in front of me with symptoms that occurred shortly after vaccination (e.B. fever, pain, nausea, rashes, lymph node swelling, emotional disorders, autoimmune diseases). This has already led to hospital admissions. Thankfully, I have not yet had to see the potentially fatal diseases (such as inflammation of the heart muscle and blood clots)  in my practice that are currently associated with the vaccines.
At this point in time, we cannot yet have sufficient data on the long-term safety of the vaccines, because this assessment requires time, which cannot be replaced by a lot of money or a high number of subjects. The data on fertility in women and men and on possible consequences for unborn life are also incomplete. This makes the comparison of benefit versus risk almost impossible. With other vaccinations (e.B. tetanus, measles or TBE), this is possible for us due to the many years of use and the knowledge of the good short- and long-term tolerability. Therefore, I continue to recommend these vaccinations according to the STIKO vaccination recommendations.
There is a risk that I will harm you in the short term through the Covid-19 vaccination. Whether I will harm you in the long term, no one can tell you at the moment. Whether I will benefit you in the long term with the vaccination, I also cannot tell you. I cannot therefore reconcile it with my conscience to continue vaccinating. Please allow me, therefore, 'first of all not to harm you'!
I would be delighted if you would continue to place your trust in me and thank you!
Your Dr. J. Weiffenbach
Status: 05.07.2021