The Pfizer mRNA vaccine is an experimental pharmaceutical granted Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The World Health Organization (WHO) has no regulatory oversight of Pfizer trial data and as such, recommends the use of this vaccine subject to the ethical standards of the FDA. Before considering administration of this pharmaceutical agent to a child, parents MUST BE INFORMED of the following irrefutable facts.

The Responsible Parents Group TT (RPGTT) - A Member of TTCAN - asserts that the Ministry of Health in collaboration with teachers, principals and public health nurses have arranged to administer the Pfizer vaccine to children without informing parents and children of the risks and shortcomings associated with this novel agent. See attached PDF below.

The National Trade Union Center of Trinidad and Tobago (NATUC) and the COVID-19 Transparency Advocacy Group TT (CTAGTT: reject the March 6th 2022 amendment to the Public Health 2019 Novel Coronavirus Regulations (sub-regulation 8. (1) j-l ). See attached PDF below.

COVID-19 Vaccines are Investigational Medicinal Products because Phase III trials, which establish safety, are years from completion. See attached PDF below.

COVID-19 Transparency Advocacy Group Trinidad & Tobago's mission statement:
"To support transparency and promulgate the most up to date information to the stakeholders in Trinidad and Tobago in response to SARS-COVID19, and to demand accountability from those currently managing the local response consistent with our human and constitutional rights."