Schooling During Omicron

COVID-19 May 2, 2022

Town Hall Meeting

An interactive 2-hour session offering practical and sensible advice. Let us put an end to the unnecessary disruption of our children's education.

Schooling and Omicron
Dr. Bratt, Dr, Strisiver, Dr. Labastide and Dr. Seereeram hosts a town meeting on Schooling and Omicron. Topics:Omicron in Adults & Children Home treatmentAn...
Recording of the meeting.

DATE: Wednesday 4th May 2022
TIME: 7:30 pm (UTC-4)

URL: Please see the link for the recording above. The event has passed.
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Our panel will include:

  1. Dr David Bratt - Senior Consultant Pediatrician & Newspaper Columnist
  2. Dr David Strisiver - Senior Family Physician & Frontline COVID Practitioner
  3. Dr Wayne Labastide - Immunologist & Part-Time Lecturer
  4. Dr Rajiv Seereeram - General Physician, Public Health & Frontline COVID Practitioner

Topics of Discussion

  1. Omicron in Adults and Children
  2. Home Treatment
  3. Antigen Testing
  4. Quarantine
  5. COVID-19 in Children with Comorbidities
  6. Global Omicron Statistics/Data
  7. Natural Immunity
  8. The UK Experience: Schooling During COVID
  9. Mitigating School Disruption

Meeting Information

Schooling During Omicron: A Conversation between Physicians & Educators
DATE: Wednesday 4th May 2022
TIME: 7:30pm

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Please see the link for the recording above. The event has passed.